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From time to time we are asked for some of the hard to find, discontinued charts. We have compiled a partial list of these items now in stock.

Samplers of Sylke A Joyeux Noel Kit  
  A Learning Sampler Kit  
  Gladsome Christmas Kit  
  The Candlelight Sampler Kit  
The Needle's Prayse      
  Garnet Sampler Chart  
  Marking Sampler Chart  
  Martha Greaves Chart  
  Our Saviour Chart  
  Pinkes Sampler Chart  
Liz Turner Diehl      
 x 16th Century English Knot Garden  
Fiber Pac
 x x 16th Century Medieval Herb Garden  
Fiber Pac
 x 16th Century Petite Elizabethan Garden  
Fiber Pac
 x 17th Century Cornflower Chart  
 x 17th Century Cornflower Chart & Fibers  
 x 17th Century Le Jardin Chart  
 x x 17th Century Le Jardin  Fibers  
 x 18th Century Colonial Garden  
Fiber Pac
 x Angelic Cat Chart & Fibers  
 x Bracelet Design #1/pets,hearts/holidays Chart 
 x Bracelet Design #2/rose, country,monogram  Chart
 x x Fruit Tree Chart & Fibers  
 x Gardenia Topiary Chart  
 x x x x Holiday Tree Chart & Fibers  
 x Honey Bee Skep Chart  
 x x Pastel Bargello Sampler  Chart  Chart & Fibers

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