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Add some friends to your stitching fun...


Fun Frame Weights



"Icebox" -  Snowman



"Mistletoe" - Reindeer


"Speedy" - Guinea Pig



"Monaco" - Tiger


"Lovey" - Pink Poodle




"Tigger" - Tiger



"Mickey Mouse" - Christmas



"Minnie Mouse" - Christmas



"Icicles" - Penguin



"Gilly" Angelfish


















"ZOOM" Frame Weight 


"RAINBOW FISH" Frame Weight


"GOLD FISH" Frame Weight


"HELLO KITTY" Frame Weight



"MINNIE MOUSE" Frame Weight


"MICKEY MOUSE" Frame Weight



"SPLASH" the WHALE Frame Weight


"SEYMOUR" the SEAL Frame Weight


"WINNIE the POOH" Frame Weight


"PRICKLES the HEDGEHOG" Frame Weight


"DOT" Frame Weight


"ZIPS" Frame Weight


"SWOOPS" Frame Weight



Just up on the web site is a new series for

Needlepoints, Ltd.    as of 5-16-2013


for more info. click on the above link



Brand "NEW" from Lizzie Kate...       

      K63 Chicks Limited Edition Kit

K64 Flowers Limited Edition Kit



                        K65 A Bee C Limited Edition Kit


                                              K62 At Our House Kit


NEW from Just Nan - 5 NEW items, Honey Bunny Ornament Pin Keep among the favorites!!!  Click here to see what  else is new from Just Nan




NEW charts form DebDee's Designs...Twinkling Gems NOW IN STOCK - If you LOVE Color

                                                                     and Sparkle, watch out.

  Tapestry Treasures - NOW IN STOCK,  Diamond Delight 10 - NOW IN STOCK, 

   Diamond  Delight 9, 8, 6, & 4, NOW IN STOCK

                                                                     Good Stuff, Shenandoah Spring and 10 charts from the

                                                                     Glitz & Glamour series - NOW IN STOCK


                                                Good Stuff                                    Shenandoah Springs


          Glitz & Glamour Amethyst                  Glitz & Glamour Turquoise


                 Diamond Delight 9                              Diamond Delight Opal



NEW Fun Fiber "SPARKLES" from Sundance Designs - arriving very soon. 

NEW Libby Sturdy Designs  - her Flower Series - NOW IN STOCK

                 Purple Iris            

                           Purple Iris                              Coneflower


                       Tulip Line

                                 Winter Rose                                  Red Tulip


Watch for NEW CLUBS on the web site... & MORE

NEW Laura J. Perin is here        

                                                                  Bargello Christmas Tree              Harvest Moon House


      Jewel Ornaments                Long Winter Panel              Royal Pavilion



         New Lizzie Kate    

                      Click on above Lizzie Kate to order            Chart #156 Promise Me

              B42 As for Me and My House
                                      Inspiration Boxer


                         S106 Spring String Snippet


F126 Deck the Halls                                                        

F127 Noel

K61 A Little Christmas Kit

Jingles Series

NEW Hill Hill Beaded Kits Spring Series 

for 2013   Click on above to see and order kits             Six designs to each series


             Spring Bouquet Collection                                                     
          Buttons & Beads Spring Series         

       Mill Hill I LOVE Charmed Ornaments


             "Delivering Series"   NOW available to order on-line, check out all the cute Delivering Series by clicking on the above link.


NEW from Laura J. Perin Designs 




We have added more cute stocking just recently... 

Brand "NEW" from Rebecca Woods


  1347a   Thank You, Santa                            1342a   Shopping for Mrs. Claus                       1345    Restless Reindeer 



Just Another Button Company  

Button Buddies 


   just so cute, can't stand it!!!

  Meet Roxie Red Bird








Just Pins
















Bumble-Ewe Pincushion










Lazy Turtle Pincushion     









Sew Mate Rainbow Thread Cutters-ES-1181  

Sharpest cut on detailed works or making a notch

Compact size-3.25"                                             

Colors: purple, pink, blue                                                        

More information-click here






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