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Christmas Treasures Collection Leaflet

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Price: $14.00
Prod. Code: VS - 98


Designer: Thea Dueck

Brides Tree Box and Twelve Ornaments

This meaningful and beautiful Christmas Treasures Collection of Ornaments was inspired by an old German tradition that suggests that a couple’s Christmas tree needs twelve specific ornaments for happiness in their life’s journey together. The Christmas tree of a married couple can include these twelve ornaments to insure a peaceful and fruitful marriage and family. This Bride’s Tree Box with twelve matching Bride’s Tree Ornaments can be joyously displayed by anyone who loves family and their home!!

Box Top

St. Nicholas Ornament (example) 

Design Area: 18w x 24h
(1.3” wide x 1.7” high)
Model: 28ct Taupe Cashel Linen:
(Cut fabric: 4.25 “ x 4.75” for ornament)


Design Area: 96w x 74h
(6.85” Wide x 5.3” High)
Model: 28ct Taupe Cashel Linen:
(Cut fabric: 13 “ x 11” for framing)

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