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Victoria Sampler > Beautiful Finishing 5 - Three Fabulous Tassels!
Beautiful Finishing 5 - Three Fabulous Tassels!

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Learn Learn Lisa’s expert finishing secrets to create three elegant new Hardanger "Tassels" designed just for you. These shapes are so elegant and unique, you’ll want to do more than one! Each Tassel has three sides stitched with overdyes and metallics and finished with a lacy Hardanger fringe... just exquisite! The Green and Gold Tassel has two overlapping skirts, the Ruby Tassel has some delighful gold stitching on it, and the Homespun Tassel is long and elegant. Stitching these is fun, quick and easy and at the back of this leaflet you’ll find Lisa’s excellent finishing instructions with step-by-step instructions and colour photos. Victoria Sampler provides an Accessory Pack, and a Linen Pack so you can easily find the thread and linen colours used. The corded hanger is added during the last step, while joining the last side together with the easy overcast stitch. You can also string a few beads (from your local craft or bead store) together to hang down inside each one to create a clapper for the bell like shapes. These lovely Tassels will look gorgeous on your Christmas Tree for years to come. There are two packs: the MAIN thread pack, and a LINEN Pack with large pieces of colourful linen fabric to match the models shown here. These colourful little tassel ornaments will look adorable on your Christmas Tree. See how easy Beautiful Finishing really is! - Thea

Design area for each panel section of ornament: 73h x 30w (5.2”h x 2.1”w) 

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