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Birthday Bellpulls 2

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#041 "Birthday Bellpulls 2" Four Mini Samplers, Bellpulls or Bookmarks


These fun and quick to stitch mini-sampler designs are dedicated to all those special people who are born in January, February, March or April! The motifs are taken from our very popular Birthday needlerolls, but this time you get all four designs in one leaflet.

You can decide to finish these in several different ways, all inexpensive and easy to do! You can edge them with an edging stitch like the Nun's Stitch or Buttonhole Stitch, or line them with contrasting fabric, to make them into very personalized bookmarks. You can also frame them using small narrow frames and wonderful contrasting matting underneath to show the Hardanger cutting. Finally you can make them into bellpulls, using inexpensive hardware. Enjoy making these as quick gifts, to remember your special friend on her birthday! For your convenience, there are separate Accessory Packs for each Month's design!

January: The deep red Garnet, Birthstone for January, signifies love, compassion, and an enhanced imagination. Traditionally, garnets have been carried by travelers to protect against accidents far from home. Carnation, the Birthflower for January, stands for "Desire and Admiration". Carnations have often been used in herb lore to "comfort the Heart".

February: Amethyst, Birthstone for February, is thought to dispel evil thoughts and quicken the intelligence. Amethyst has also long symbolized piety and is considered to encourage sobriety. Violet, the Birthflower for February, stands for"modesty and simplicity". Giving these beautiful little blooms to a woman is a sign of good luck and can mean that you 'return her love'.

March: The Aquamarine is considered a treasure of mermaids, and is believed to have the power to keep you safe at sea. It is also said to have a good influence on married couples. It is associated with the power to help husbands and wives work out their differences and ensure a long and happy marriage. Jonquil, the Birthflower for March, stands for"sympathy and desire". The particularly favorite flower of Queen Anne was jonquils. She wove patterns of jonquil blossoms in her delicate needlework which included carpets, tapestry and dresses.

April: The Diamond, Birthstone for April, is possibly one of the most cherished gemstones, splinters of stars fallen to earth. The word "diamond" comes from the Greek word "adamas" meaning unconquerable, suggesting the eternity of love. Sweet Pea, the Birthflower for April, is widely grown for its' sweet fragrance. Symbolizing"blissful pleasure" sweet peas are often used in floral arrangements and potpourris.

Design area: 102h x 26w (7.3" X 1.85")Models: 28ct Antique White Quaker Cloth OR 28ct Confederate Grey Cashel (Cut fabric: 12" X 8")

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