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Birthday Bellpulls 3

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 #043 "Birthday Bellpulls 3"
Four Mini Samplers, Bellpulls or Bookmarks


These fun and quick to stitch mini-sampler designs are dedicated to all those special people who are born in May, June, July and August! The motifs are taken from our very popular Birthday needlerolls, but this time you get all four designs in one leaflet.

You can decide to finish these in several different ways, all inexpensive and easy to do! You can edge them with an edging stitch like the Nun's Stitch or Buttonhole Stitch, or line them with contrasting fabric, to make them into very personalized bookmarks. You can also frame them using small narrow frames and wonderful contrasting matting underneath to show the Hardanger cutting. Finally you can make them into bellpulls, using inexpensive hardware. Enjoy making these as quick gifts, to remember your special friend on her birthday! For your convenience, there are separate Accessory Packs for each Month's design!

May: The Emerald is associated with spring, love and rebirth. It is thought to quicken the owner's intelligence as well as the heart, and is thought to give the gift of eloquence. Lily of the Valley, the Birthflower for May, stands for"sweetness and renewed happiness". Revered in many countries and religions for it's symbolism and folklore, it is believed to strengthen memory, to restore speech and other medicinal purposes.

June: The Pearl, Birthstone of June, is the queen of gems, pure and fair to look upon, and the emblem of modesty, chastity and purity. Pearls also symbolize a happy marriage and are very popular as a wedding gift from a groom to a bride. The Rose, the Birthflower for June, is one of the most loved flowers in the world. A"symbol of true love" , it is considered a lucky gift for any woman. It was used in medieval times for medicinal purposes, but now is grown for it's ornamental beauty.

July: The deep red Ruby, Birthstone for July, has been the world's most valued gemstone for thousands of years. In the ancient Sanskrit language, it was called "king of precious stones". Larkspur, the Birthflower for July, stands for "Laughter, lightheartedness, ardent attachment and an open heart". It is a beautiful flower and comes in a variety of shades of mauve, blue, white, and purple.

August: The pale green irridescent Peridot, Birthstone for August, is a volcanic gemstone that was once treasured by native Hawaiians as the tears of the Goddess-of-Fire, Pele. It is considered to have the power to drive away evil spirits and that power is even more intense when the stone is set in gold. Gladiolus, the Birthflower for August, stands for"Protection and Success". Grown for its' beauty, it comes in a wide diversity of colours and shapes.

Design area for each bellpull: 102h x 26w (7.3" X 1.85")Models: 28ct Antique White Quaker Cloth OR 28ct Confederate Grey Cashel (Cut fabric: 12" X 8")

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