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Dancing Free

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“Dance Like Nobody's Watching..."

Enjoy stitching this design to feel joy in the ‘dance of life’! Stitched with some gorgeous overdyed cottons in happy summer colours, this little pig is dancing merrily under a garland of daisies, dandelions, vetch and wild roses. She is obviously as happy as can be, and doesn’t care who knows it! This design celebrates the personal affirmation and joy that I love to feel in my life. I hope you enjoy hanging it on your wall, making it into a pillow for your couch, or giving this as a special present for someone you love. Victoria Sampler provides a ‘Dancing Free’ Accessory Pack which contains all the overdyed threads you need for this design. - Cathy

Design Area: 109h x 73w (7.8" h x 5.2 "w)
Model: 28ct "Willow" Vintage Cashelfrom Lakeside Linens
(Cut fabric: 14 " high X 11 " wide)


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