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Cashel Linen > Cashel Linen 36" by Half Cut
Cashel Linen 36" by Half Cut

The product you selected is currently unavailable.
Price: $36.30

This cut of Cashel Linen is 36" by Half Cut.  It is 36" x 27".  It sells for $36.30.

Please find the color(s) and corresponding color number(s) you are looking for on the table below.   Then find the same number on the drop down menu above the shopping cart.  Click on the number and your order is in your shopping cart!

Name Number  
Antique Ivory

3281233 36x27

Antique White

3281101 36x27


3281448 36x27

Black 3281720 36x27
 Carnation Pink  3281402 36x27  
 Clay  3281715 36x27  
Confederate Gray   3281718 36x27  
Cream 3281222 36x27   
Dirty Linen  3281326 36x27  
Flax 3281520 36x27   
Ice Blue 3281562 36x27   
Lavender Mist/Cameo Rose   3281727 36x27  
 Light Mocha  3281309 36x27  
 Light Sand  3281224 36x27  
Lilac  3281558 36x27   
 Millennium Blue 3281557 36x27   
Mint Green  3281633 36x27   
Misty Blue  3281594 36x27      
Platinum 3281770 36x27   
Raw Linen Natural  328153 36x27  
Smokey Pearl 3281778 36x27   
Summer Khaki 3281323 36x27  
White 3281100 36x27   
Yellow  3281227 36x27