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Needlepoint 14 - 18 count. 100% cabled cotton.  May be plied to give a flat look.

This is a Rainbow Gallery Thread.



(5 Available)

P03  (3 available) Lite Green  
P07 (1 available) Lite Blue  
P61  (4 available) Orchid  
P111  (1 available) Pale Orchid  
P121 (7 Available)    
P131  (5 available) Flesh  
P14  (6 available) Dark Flesh  
P171  (10 available) Gray  
P221  (1 available) Hot Pink  
P23  (1 available) Jade Green  
P24  (6 Available) French Blue #2  
P27  (3 available) Pale Green  
P28  (4 available) Pale Flesh  
P371  (16 available) Burnt Orange  
P391  (5 available) Spice  
P40   (5 available) Copper  
P41  (5 available) Peach Ice  
P42  (5 available) Lite Pumpkin  
P43  (2 available) Peach  
P46  (1 available) Dark Taupe  
P48  (2 available) Dove Gray  
P49  (2 available) Pale Periwinkle  
P50  (8 available) Dark Periwinkle  
P53  (6 available) Mint  
P55  (2 available) Turquoise  
P57  (4 available) Marine Blue  
P58  (3 available) Navy Blue  
P59  (7 available) Wild Rose  
P61  (4 available) Orchid  
P64  (1 available) Dusty Jade  
P65  (1 available) Sage  
P66  (5 available) Hunter Green  
P67  (5 available) Beige  
P68  (4 available) Red  
P70  (8 available) Coral  
P72  (3 available) Grass Green  
P73  (6 available) Kelly Green  
P74  (4 available) Dark Jade  
P75  (5 available) Loden Green  
P76  (5 available) Dark Olive  
P77  (5 available) Baby Pink  
P78  (3 available) Dark Antique Rose  
P79  (3 available) Dark Antique Mauve  
P80  (2 available) Baby Blue  
P81  (15 available) Dark Antique Blue  
P82  (2 available) Dark Teal Blue  
P83  (8 available) Dark Navy  
P84  (6 available)  Pale Lavender (Disc)  
P85  (3 available) Plum  
P86  (1 available) Deep Violet  
P87  (3 available) Dark Forest Green  

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