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Fyre Werks

Fyre Werks is a beautiful shiny metallic ribbon that will add glitter and glitz to your work. While not a delicate yarn, it does tend to fray at the ends and anything past the eye of the needle will be lost. Do not use overly long pieces and be careful to lay Fyre Werks. A laying tool usually is not needed; You can use your finger to give it the right direction and prevent twists. Also, watch how it is laying when doing tent stitches. Twisted Fyre Werks will not work, so keep it flat. Fyre Werks is pronounced "Fire Works"

SOFT SHEEN: Fyre Werks with less of a shine, more of a glint of metallic, rather than a very bright shine. It is stitched the same way as the regular Fyre Werks.

HOLOGRAM: Fyre Werks with even more of a shine. There is a depth to the shine that the Hologram Fyre Werks gives. The metallic is a hologram that is cut into thin strips and then braided. It is slightly heavier than the regular Fyre Werks so stitches a littler tighter on the canvas.
(13-18 count canvas with long stitches on 18-22 count)

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