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Stitching Tools and Accessories

We are well stocked with all kinds of stitching TOOLS and ACCESSORIES.  We will post more and more each month but for now if you have a particular item you need and we don't have it pictured below, please call (657)337-9445 and we will be happy to help fulfill your request!

Stitching Tools
Needlepoints Ltd. stocks all the stitching tools needed (and some not really needed but a must  have) for all of your stitching projects. From frames, stretcher bars, magnifiers, needles, thread organizers, to laying tools and scissors, your every request is here.
If we don't have it, you really didn't need it anyway!
Metallic scissors with a serrated edge just for cutting metallic fibers- thread will not slip nor will metallic fibers dull the blades.
Metallic cutting scissors
left to right-Turkey Tufting, Peti point gold, Metallic thread

We carry many add on accessories for K's Creations frames and
floor frames as well as Needlework System 4 frames

Naturalight by Daylite floor and table portable light and magnifer in one.

Here is a list of some of our toys:
Needle threaders from Muriel, Lo Ran
Clover thread cutter
Floor frames from K's Creations, and
Floss-A-Way bags
Scissors - Gingher, Metallic, Hemostats
Floss Bobbins Plastic & paper
Fun Specs
Hand-Ez craft gloves
Stretcher Bars
Lap Frames by K's Creations
Tag Along floor frame by K's Creations
Laying tools - BLT & Trolley Needles
Thumb tacks
Clip on Magnifiers by Daylite- 6 & 12 inch arms
Tote Bags
Needle Safes
Trolley Needles

We strive to provide the best customer service available.  If you have a question about a product or product availability please call (657) 337-9445