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Treasure Braid



(Treasure Braid Petite for very fine work and combining with other threads)
(Treasure Braid #4: 14 to 22 count cross stitch, 22 to 36 count needlepoint)
(Treasure Braid #8: 14-18 count cross stitch, 
14-18 count  needlepoint)                                                                                  

  (Treasure Braid #12 : 11 - 16 count cross stitch, 16 - 18 count needlepoint)                                                             

(Treasure Braid #16: 7-14 count cross stitch, 7-14 count needlepoint)

Treasure Braid is a very shinny metallic that comes in size #4, #8, 12 and #16. All are braided and therefore will not unravel as you stitch. It is very durable and you may use long lengths when stitching. It is made in England and Japan and is softer than similar metallics. Because of this, it covers the canvas well. In many applications Size #4 is a good substitute for several plys of blending filament  When using this size you will no longer need to ply up several strands of filament. Size #8 is twice the size of the #4 and #16 is again twice the size of the #8. Colors are consistent between the different sizes.

Treasure Braid All Sizes